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My name is Raqueli


It’s quite simple. Or maybe it’s not, but either way that’s what it is.

Maybe you can’t pronounce it or maybe you don’t care. Maybe you’d try it if it were in books or the name of a character of a great movie love affair.

It is not Raquel or Rachel or Kelly, and most especially NOT (in my case many people’s favorite) “R-Kelly”.

Yes, that’s right I was not named after a rapper. And actually, for that matter I was not named after anyone in particular at all. Yet, someone in the future might get to be named after the person writing all of this on your wall.

I still have yet to meet that certain someone who might share my name. It might be a girl or even a boy, or maybe a captive lion somewhere crying in a cage.

My name is not a fruit or a symbol nor a color in the sky. It does not hold stories of the past and does not end with the letter Y.

It does not mean sun or moon nor peace or grace. It could probably quite simply in my mother’s eyes describe the shape of my face.

And no, it does not come from a long and inherited race. It really just does not come from any place.

My name was chosen just for me. Given by those who love me most dearly.

My name was chosen close to a summer’s day. Maybe over a joke or a thought or a smile, or maybe over a birthday wish my mother made only minutes away.

My name is special she says, and that’s all I really need. Because it’s really her that makes it that way, not an explanation or a specific reason to be.

She’s my person and the one who gave me this name you see, so for those of you who have not caught on… my name is not Raquel, or Rachel nor Tom or Betty.

My name she said, is Raqueli.


4 comments on “My name is Raqueli

  1. sarvjit says:

    That’s beautiful poetry! Lovely!

  2. Is as simply as you are, as beautiful as you are, as unique as you are, as SPECIAL as you are. Everything I dreamed of when I “just” had a name is what I now have (and much more) with you in “real life”. I had a dream as Martin Luther King said, and it was named Raqueli…

  3. You have an special name. Created specially for you. Not many people have this name but too much people love you. Emmanuel

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