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These things

These things we think about all the time.

These things that torment us day and night.

I don’t know how I feel about these things that don’t let me sleep.

They play with my thoughts, my life and even the things I want to eat.

These things are even making me rhyme. I mean…

They won’t even let me write what I want and I just don’t have the time.

I’m over these things and everything they do.

I want to let go of these things. What should I do.

3 comments on “These things

  1. Manuel Acosta C. says:

    some times those things don’t even can be expressed with words… hard to bear those things with us…
    coloring our thoughts…
    or taking our minds off…


    I’ll become a special fan of this blog… so don’t spare your thoughts!!..


    1. raquelicv says:

      Aw!! Haha :)! Thank you so much Manu, means a lot xo!

  2. You think and I think. I don’t know what are you thinking but I am sure I am thinking of you. Love, Emmanuel

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