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This Game called Life.


…and, pause.

That moment when you want something SO bad, yet you have no idea on how or where to begin with any of it.

Why is it so easy to just prolong this process and basically procrastinate forEVER, leaving it (always) for “later”.

I confess that these past few years have been my (what you might call) “coming of age” period (yeah…whatever that is), but you know, facing life in its most brutal, up close and personal kind of way.

I have to admit, it really has affected the way I see life and how I approach the things I want today. There’s so many things we have to take in consideration now. So many things we never had to think of before, simply because it wasn’t our place to…

Yeah man, that’s right… creeps up on all of us eventually – adulthood.

Something I’ve learned to define in basic Generation Y terms as — all hustle & gamble my friend.

Whatever pieces of the game you choose to start with in this stage in life, can blatantly determine how successful or NOT you’ll be at the end of all of it… Right?

I guess you could say that’s a large part of why it’s so hard to start anything at all.

I mean, who wants to lose at life?

But what does that mean really? To ‘lose’ at life? Can life really be looked and judged as a game?

Well, forget about any “Get Out of Jail Cards” here, the Universe forgot the memo on that one.

But really though, how can one measure if you’ve won or lost in the end? Who makes this call?

Take the whole “#winning” fad for example; for Charlie Sheen (known actor and creator of this modern expression), #winning is having become a TV millionaire 20 years later in the Entertainment Industry while spending most of his fortune on drugs, lust and rehab, yet appearing to feel proud and content with it all. Whereas (what you would call) an “average” middle aged man, would probably feel he’s #winning by simply being a home owner at his age with a semi-successful marriage and kids he can show for.

Both of these, while having PROS and CONS each, I feel some people (or most) might not see it this way and would automatically judge these lives to a verdict without ever having been in their minds and skin to know what made them choose these paths. I’ve learned people like to see the “black and white” of things and ignore the gray. In this case, we’ll call ‘the gray’ the “socially accepted” behaviors life and society have so graciously passed along… And well, since I personally have a dysfunctional relationship with these particular ‘behaviors’, I’ll try not to lose focus and ramble too much.

But basically, I feel that things that are “socially frowned upon” on a daily basis are the ones generally categorized as the #losing team of this beautifully challenged ‘game’. A ‘game’ that cannot and should not be judged and inhibited by the mere standards and likings of others. A game that is not even a game, and is in fact a journey. A journey that should be explored and lived to the likings and expectations that only truly matter to you.

So no more doing these things that we “think” will be approved and accepted because that’s what traditions and ANCIENT customs have taught us; be that change you need to be for yourself and take that path that makes you both scared and crazy excited because you know it’s exactly what you’ve always wanted.

Know that “happily ever after” is a state of mind and everything else is up to you to make it work. That sacrifice and risks are a gamble, but will without a doubt make you a much stronger person and make your whole life a lot more exciting and rewarding in the end.

So how do you know which way to go?

You don’t.

All you can do is follow your gut. Your instincts. Not everyone dreams of being a billionaire or glam superstar. You could probably be dreaming of teaching yoga in a foreign country for the rest of your life and smiling at the thought of it.

So do that. Stop existing, wake up and save up some money and Google on how to get there, because in the rulebook of my personal “Game of Life”, those who are #winning are those who dared to start living at all…

6 comments on “This Game called Life.

  1. sarvjit says:

    Beautiful! All we have to do is to ignore the real world. With real eyes open all we see are barriers and misunderstandings. But with eyes of ‘faith’ open we can achieve what we want.

  2. Arlette says:

    waoo excellent! Rac congratulations, kisses

  3. Loved it! Game of life…… winning and start living…. Magic and wise words… You are my reward, you make me so proud!!!! Can not wait until your next post!

  4. Leonie Nicole says:

    #winning. I love it!

  5. My dear niece, who write well, how much wisdom, you’ll always know where to go, because your instincts will be successful, I love you so much..

  6. Jason Matias says:

    “A horse that can’t win. A race rigged to lose.” Lyrics from a song I can’t remember. Around the time you wrote this I was trudging in the same rut. Has anything changed since March?

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