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Come back

And if I stared long enough,
the ocean would become smaller
And all it had once separated
would bring back what distance said
would be lost

This entry was posted in Life.

4 comments on “Come back

  1. Paola says:

    Ufff. Like!!!!

  2. Jason Matias says:

    Now that I’m grounded in NY these words sing to me. I’d like to use them with an image one day.


  3. jadenrandy says:

    ” drifted in the cold misty air, drown in my sorrow tears. Waiting and wanting you back; missing the warm feeling of your fingers, the softness of your lips, and the subtle gaze in your eyes. If I come back….. Would you love me like I’m the only one, hold me like I’m yours, kiss me like your never did before……..” ( raymond john). 😊😊😊

  4. jadenrandy says:

    ” a drift in the misty cold air that’s leaves you gasping for air. Your undying love of constant reminders of a dream that felt so real but was just a dream. The tender feeling of you holding me close feel so good but it was just a shadow of you. If I die my love for you will haunt this earth just as my spirit will. If I come back you love me as if it was the first time you say I love . If I come back will you kiss me like the first time we kissed. If come back would only because I love you not because I want you . It’s the constant feeling of being loved and hold.” ( raymond john)

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