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I met someone

I met someone
but he doesn’t smell like you

I touched his hair
and held his hands
Searching for the grip
that might give this a chance

He smiles at me
even when I pout
Searching for reasons to push
these feelings I doubt

He makes me laugh
but not the same way you do

Or maybe more,
I can’t keep score

I met someone
And I wish you would know

How it aches to start over
When your heart feels no more

2 comments on “I met someone

  1. Amazing how the human condition is so universal and yet so unique that when it happens to you, you can’t help but feel that you’re alone in your journey through your emotions. Surely, it’s not possible that another human has ever felt what I am feeling now, has ever thought of what I’m thinking now, has ever experienced life like this 🙂

  2. don says:

    For real.
    Those words made sense about an x of mine. Do you think you could find a feeling similar or better? In my experience, im not even looking with my heart

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