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Options and the Colorful Chaos that is Modern Love.

1. a thing that is or may be chosen.

Ah, to be ‘chosen’. An action many desire yet is unfairly left to the sole choice of another.

Or to you.

A curious word this is, option, that in its simplicity can clearly describe the true issue with most of humankind’s problems today…

There are just -TOO MANY.

Yes. I agree. This millennial generation has become greedy, selfish in fact. All these new and improved technological advances have not only made work and life faster and easier for us all, but they have also hurt us. They’ve made us lazy, they’ve made us picky and most dangerously of all they’ve made us -aware.

Aware that there is so much more out there…

So much more than what we have. So much more than even what is actually -enough.

So MUCH that our FOMO levels have spiked and no over the counter remedy can even manage to control this infectious reality.

So many places to see, things to do, food to choose from, clothes to buy, experiences to try and people… So-many-people.

Who even knows how many people are on this planet? Not even governments can keep accurate counts of who or who aren’t born in their countries. Although, I feel Facebook might have a clearer documentation of a large percentage of the world, one we now all have endless access to… with just a click of a button.

That’s what it all is now. A click of a button.

– Click to see that stranger “you may know”.
– Click to message that person that’s on the other side of the world
– Click to post that photo that will show them all those things you have in common
– Click ’cause you’re bored and you can. (And at this point human interaction has been left shameless through screens, and truthfully nothing really matters when it’s done through a button).

Maybe it’s not fair to blame only these machines and technologies of our weak and curious human tendencies. Then again, I’m pretty sure our grandparents lives weren’t all fairytales either, even though you would want to think so since 89% of them stuck it out together ’til the very end. Truthfully, there was just less trace of evidence back then (cellphones & computers) for Grandpa to get caught. But I mean, “ignorance is bliss” right? Maybe, I guess individual hearts will judge on their own.

But, I feel it’s more a matter of us having such tempting tools of unnecessary ‘opportunity’ at the tip of our hands that really create most of these problems. Opportunities to be sneaky and flood our attention towards so many things that are only temporary yet seem terribly tasty, and well, if Eve couldn’t help herself lightyears ago with not biting an apple what’s gonna stop an eager “YOLO” millennial today? I mean, if you haven’t noticed already, even this plague I speak of (that has infested our generation with already so much temptation) has been most famously (and possibly purposely) branded with an apple itself.

Steve Jobs always ahead of the game. He most definitely knew the genius monster he had created.

But, a monster only to those who are foolish.

Not all modern humans fall into this endless game and bite the overexposed and forever tasteless apple. Many leave these options to chance and eliminate all this needy attention from their feeds once they’ve found someone to give their attention to. Once they’ve realized there are some “options” worth exploring and stopping the roulette game on. Then again, for how long will you keep ‘browsing’ this superficial catalog for? They are not all there for just you. Even the ones that were once yours..

The ones that never began as ‘options’, but were bombarded by those “things” (like the definition states an option IS – a thing) and made room for the colorful chaos that is modern love and heartbreak.

Let’s not forget, that in the end.. “We are our choices”, even the ones we never settled to make.

2 comments on “Options and the Colorful Chaos that is Modern Love.

  1. Just LOVE it!! Keep writing!!!

  2. Just LOVE it! Keep writing!

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