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To dance on the moon


It’s every beat
Every sigh
Time spinning with every blink of your eye

The permanent smile
The overwhelming sight
Your skin dressed in dust day and night

To dance on the moon
Then see the sun be re-born
where only land and sky are torn

It was the unknown;
The mystery we invited
A puzzle meant for joyous distraction

And then, to see these eyes
His eyes that became part mine
His partial smile, my compass in the night

Invisible it was
This fire I felt ignite

Lights that would flicker with our every step
Countless footprints
Our only trace, the desert kept

Interrupted by magic
left and right
To feel his grip tighten mine confirming this as real life

Real, yes indeed.
Gravity and Earth
And all the planets in between

And as if it’d been during a late afternoon,
Purposely forgetting to explain how my favorite will remain
That knight the sun made his way to dance with the moon


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