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A lot of us grow up thinking or being told that “time” will make us wiser; that we’ll “understand” everything when we reach a certain age.

But, will we?

And, what age?

Wrinkly age? Peak of my career age? Mother of three age?

Here’s the thing, this isn’t quite like a vaccine you automatically qualify for once you reach a certain birthday.

How much time really is time enough?

At this point, all I know is that time has made me old enough to be called an adult (commonly known as – ‘grown, old-er person). Basically, enough years to get on with life driven by my own choices and instincts.

An adult, that has even more questions than what I initially began with. Questions that I’m always tracing back to this original thought of “when are all these things we’ve never really understood going to finally make some sense?”.

Only recently I’ve slowly discovered that:

These things have to be explored. They have to be lived. They have to be sought after.

And not only that, I’ve also realized how a vast amount of people will never catch on to this and possibly never notice; mostly in part to one really simple thing:

lack of curiosity.

  [To be curious – eager to learn more; arousing interest of novelty or strangeness]

In my regard, truthfully, I find myself debating a lot if either I envy these people with such little desire to look further yet who feel content living black and white lives without needing answers or having to get things out of their systems or if I should mourn their robotic existence on Earth for plainly not caring.

Not caring to know where they come from, why they’re here, what their passions are.

What passion even is.

They’re just not bothered with what’s beyond their bubble.

For a while (a long while), I thought it might all just be in my head (and technically, maybe a lot of it is) but regardless of this, I grew up having infinite questions. A million questions about EVERYTHING.

And not in a challenging ‘my authorities’ kind of way, but in the ‘I want to know more’ way.

I want to know if God exists.

If someone listens, when I pray to the world.

If our souls live multiple lives.

If they have mates. If mine is in this world. If he’d know it was me if he saw me.

If there is life after death. If it matters?

If my thoughts truly are as powerful as they seem, and can make things happen by envisioning them as much?


I could list things for days. It may sound silly to many (particularly those whom I speak of) many that find these things trivial, childish, and mostly a ‘waste of time’. And, of course it all is, right? Because many of these uninterested individuals seem to have all the answers already. Or better said, choose to settle with what they’ve heard or were taught to believe. Mainly because they trust blindly in books, movies, “he said, she said”, science and pop culture. How could we possibly question any of these…………………………….

Never denying how all of these have rightfully served as tremendous tools and resources to feed off of when exploring our wandering thoughts; which in fact, I find to be major pieces to these large and complex puzzles, but -pieces at most.

Pieces I’d instead classify as theories, ideas, and perceptions.

And really, maybe that’s all we’ll be able to acquire from anything in this world…

Ideas. Interpretations.

Yet, I keep searching.

Searching for more.

Even though it sounds like an endless road, I think I’m finally starting to understand that it’s this quest for answers, this journey that has me on the tip of my toes almost everyday intrigued by so many inexplicable things that actually fulfills a lot of this mystery.

The Mystery of Life.

This lustful fantasy of a happy ending. Of actually understanding the whys of our destinies and the people that are a part of it.

It’s meeting all these amazing, different and challenging individuals along the way. The ones we learn from.

The ones that invade our paths with excitement, love, heartbreak, knowledge, kindness, nonsense and most importantly -energy.

Real, pure energy.

The kind you naturally absorb, in a positive and unintentional way. The kind that makes you do good, even when you knew good from the very beginning.

The kind that makes you cut out and repel all the negativity in your life because you suddenly realize THIS is the answer to establishing lasting happiness.

Surrounding yourself with those who enrich your every day -intellectually, professionally, genuinely, lovingly, freely.

You have the right to be curious.

To feel and explore things you never have before. To understand who you are and why you think the way you do, dress the way you do, dance with certain rhythm.

To discover why you’re attracted to certain people. Allow yourself to find what your true flavor is. Life has SO many. How could you ever settle for chocolate and vanilla, without ever knowing what caramel and mint taste like?

Sprinkle your life.

This is why there are so many flaws in common society. We’ve been confined to one ideal, one common route, someONE’s right-or-wrong.

                                       [Insert -DJ Khaled: “They don’t want us to have sprinkles…”]

Do not let these closed and prejudice flaws limit your chances to discovering  more. To experiencing MAGIC.

Magic that does in fact exist; and only those who believe will be the ones to find it.

Because even though curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought it back.

(8 more times, to be exact.)

3 comments on “For the Curious Ones

  1. Te felicito. Very well said. Excelente. Para reflexionar.

    1. Aw thank you mami 🙂 💘

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