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The sky

How did you find me?
Said my soul
In disbelief of his existence
in this time and place

Never leave me again,
He whispered
Examining the details of my new face

His slight touch,
a w a k e n i n g
every fallen star
abandoned in space

Five senses that suddenly felt like six
Blood boiling
Stimulated in bliss

Time frozen
Discovering his eyes
speak the same language as mine

in only three steps and one stare
finally there

the clouds we walked on
Our home
now the sky

Simple and true
his words
his love

Complexity, now a myth
and Synchronicity
proving what it was always capable of

Pinch my skin
For what I feel
is in real time
Flesh and blood

Watch the clock spin again
Interrupted breath
Eyes closed
as they flood

Counting seconds and lifetimes
like burning ammo in a gun
Fate repeats
as the first shot is undone

Engraved on my skin
I feel you

But until then,
– look back
at the sky
where we lay


For the moon is yours.

While she is half
While she is full
While the Sun occupies her place.

She will still come out every night
for you
The way birds do
every morning,
in our favorite place.

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