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In primary school, we learn math, and as logical beings, we find numbers to be easy, predictable. Numbers plus numbers equal numbers. Numbers minus some numbers = fewer numbers.

Makes sense. I suppose.

The rest of school enhances this experience.

We play not just with numbers anymore, professors tease us, they say we can add letters to numbers and calculate empty spaces in shapes to symbols.

We complain at the complexity of these. The Universe of possibilities they now represent in tests and practices, yet we smile in silence, as they’ve made us so easily lose our breath while discovering the beauty of a curve. A ‘smooth curve’ they call it. A curve that not only exists in the shape of our bodies but also in these textbooks. A curve they claim to have a  formula for… possible of decoding the layers of our skin?

The layers of our skin… my skin?

Do you remember that symbol? The Infinity Symbol.. it is similar to those layers you claim to have learned the formula to. Amuse me and demonstrate your good grades, this rational mind you portray.

No scores great enough for me to care

For I am Physics, and Mathematics does not live in my dimension.

Near or far, I cannot tell anymore; but please do feel free to calculate the matter (or lack thereof) in between this space and time. I would clap my hands for you, two times, to send you the frequency I know you would recognize.

How familiar it feels to study the current of electricity that once roared waves through your skin.

A simple hint to the answer you don’t even need for the win.

I would applaud your memory’s efforts, yet I stay here and float in this gravity.

I stay still, while you quantify the non-physical intervals of time that play tricks on your mind with each angle.

I stay still, while you evaluate the logic of an electrically charged magnetic field provoked by energies not meant to touch.

Not meant to interact. But did.

I stay still, as equations form in your head when you could be floating instead, and discover how simple it is to let yourself be shown the answers the Universe has for you too.

How flawed is our system, school system not Solar…

For they teach us in school, how easy it is to get good grades and how easy it is to lose them.

They teach us in school to choose easy things, for they are effortless and attainable and rational minds find comfort here.

When everything you wanted and more, lies in the possibilities of those subjects that seem so complex but give you truth. Those subjects that challenged your fears and invited them while making you smile at the thought.

I invite you to Graduate and ponder the University of Life parallel to everything you feel and everything you’ve heard.

And to decide what would feel more right, to explore the life of a line or that of a curve?

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