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My mind drifts
To a beach shore
Lying on his chest

Navigating a map of tattoos
his skin sealed on my breasts

One by one I explored,
imagining ways I could make time stand still
And let me bathe in these clues close to his soul

—-again and again

Gentle, his roar
Full of astrology wars
I wondered if the stars
Could match our scores

I felt them smile, these astros-
as we spoke their names
Knowing they had planned this moment,
long ago
Letting destiny claim

Penetrating eyes
I could feel through my back
Saying more than words could ever express

Dear Time,

I smile at his uniquely wrapped cigars
sweet songs,
and red flowers

At everything he made clear was not just his,
but all ours

If at the lake,
by the beach
Or in the jungle, our home

I could bathe under the sun with him
with or without a throne

For in these moments I need no King

Just my sweet Lion
who holds me deep
And finds me red eggs for breakfast
while I sleep ❤

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