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Raqueli CV on The Status Quo
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Raqueli CV on The Status Quo
Raqueli CV on The Status Quo
Belén Cusi on The Status Quo




Out of every subject in the world (and granted, there are many) there is always one that has me experimenting and creating fantastic conspiracy theories everyday; 

Time Travel. 

Favorite mystery.

Entertaining that time, (and everything else for that matter) is a construct of our mind – how is that we’ve managed to measure this, to lose track of it or even get lost in it?

How is that our minds conceive notions of painful minutes that fail to pass us by yet can still experience a sense of eternity in a slight moment of bliss?

Daydreams and personal findings (i.e – living and analyzing my life as a human) – have made me  believe that I have potentially boiled this conundrum down to the core of its birth (the birth of time – of course), and science (in other words – being alive) have unequivocally demonstrated how this has all stemmed from the beginning of an Emotion.

E-motion = Energy In Motion

An Emotion serves as the carrier waves for the entire spectrum of feelings.

Humans are bundles of energies – in constant motion. 

Motion – is the process of something moving or changing place, or even just changing position. … However, most movement involves changing the speed of the movement and changing directions.

Hence, to be in motion is to be in flux, it is to be in direction to another point – creating levels of speed that do not exist when you are still (motion-less). To be in motion is to create a sense of time.


It is to create a sense of urgency, a sense of excitement, a sense of mortality, and most importantly; a deep sense of fear.


Fear that time rules all. The way you move, defines where you go and when. It defines how you end up there and with whom.


But back to emotions – my favorite part. The Time Travel. 


How does this happen again? How is this possible?


This always is somehow activated and rooted – through our e-motions. 


In other words, our feelings. The energies that move us. 


The energies that constantly take over any state of ‘being’ (stillness) that we find ourselves in; 

resulting in – 


Moments (the present)

Euphoria (deep joyous surrender of the present)

Flashbacks (traveling to the past)

Deep recollections of Nostalgia (getting lost in the past)

Epiphanies (a clear peek into the future – clarity)

Anxiety (overwhelming blind travel into the future)

Eternities (without beginning or end)


The list goes on…


And the theories too.


The physical/ non-physical ones. Teleportation. Loopholes. Portals. Dreams.


A marvelous cobweb we continue to expand, shift and unconsciously design. 


Feels almost like it was just yesterday I was so clouded and in the dark about so many of these observations and concepts, a shy 8 yrs ago – but actually it feels nothing like yesterday at all, and instead I feel a really mischievous and curious today, a today that has provoked this open discussion. 


I smile and think,

where do I want to be

and what do I want to do?


And all of a sudden, I am there.


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